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Busige Ander... 79, Master Sorce...
Creepy Nugge... 70, Royal Paladi...
Bill Cosby 64, Paladin
Earl Bradley 64, Paladin
Keso 61, Paladin
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Fjolla Overview
General Information
Name: Fjolla
Sex: Male
Vocation: Sorcerer
Level: 29
World: Tibiara
Residence: Ankrahmun
Last Login: May 28 2023, 02:05:53 CEST
Account Status: Free Account
Character Deaths
May 27 2023, 05:05:30 CEST Killed at Level 29 by Keso
May 21 2023, 05:05:21 CEST Killed at Level 29 by Toplvl
Account Information
Position: Player
Created: May 19 2023, 19:05:25 CEST
Name World Status
1. Fjolla (currently viewing) Tibiara
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