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Busige Ander... 79, Master Sorce...
Creepy Nugge... 70, Royal Paladi...
Bill Cosby 64, Paladin
Earl Bradley 64, Paladin
Keso 61, Paladin
Tibiara is online
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In order to play on Tibiara, we REQUIRE to use our client to directly connect to the server.



The guild was founded on May 20 2023
It is currently active.
Guild is opened for applications.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title Level Vocation Status
Leader Toplvl 54 Paladin Offline
Gang Kiricocho 44 Paladin Offline
Lowerlvl 46 Druid Offline
Rataplan 32 Sorcerer Offline
Pedazo 46 Knight Offline
El Karu 18 Knight Offline
Invited Characters
Character Invitation Date
Kyra May 21 2023
Lag May 21 2023
Barrerousky May 21 2023
Anazareth May 21 2023