Server Information

General Information
Client Version: 7.4 Replica
Tibiara Client Version: 1.0
Map: 7.4 Real Map
Server Save: Every day at 07:30 CEST
Game Information
Shared Experience: Shared experience can be enabled when in party by the party leader. You have to stay out of fight to enable shared experience.
Houses: Houses can only be purchased by premium players above level 20.
Rate Information
Spawn Rate: 2x
Loot Rate: 3x
Skill Rate: 15x
Magic Level Rate: 5x
Experience Rate: From Level 1 to Level 8: 30x From Level 9 to Level 20: 25x From Level 21 to Level 30: 20x From Level 31 to Level 40: 18x From Level 41 to Level 50: 16x From Level 51 to Level 60: 14x From Level 61 to Level 70: 12x From Level 71 to Level 80: 10x From Level 81 to Level 90: 8x From Level 91 to Level 100: 6x From Level 101 to Level 120: 5x From Level 121 to Level 130: 4x After Level 131: 3x
PVP Information
PVP Protection Zone: Protection zone is blocked for 1 minute after attacking another player.
White Skull: White skull lasts for 15 minutes on player kill.
Red Skull: 3 frags per day 5 frags per week 10 frags per month
Banishment: 6 frags per day 8 frags per week 20 frags per month
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