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Busige Ander... 79, Master Sorce...
Creepy Nugge... 70, Royal Paladi...
Bill Cosby 64, Paladin
Earl Bradley 64, Paladin
Keso 61, Paladin
Tibiara is online
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In order to play on Tibiara, we REQUIRE to use our client to directly connect to the server.

Tibiara is free, and players are welcome to play free of charge for as long as they like. However, if you enjoy Tibiara, you may consider buying a Premium Account to take Tibiara even further. As a premium player you will have additional abilities and advantages inside and outside the game. We know some players can be struggling with progressing their characters. Game Store items are available to those who want to speed up their gameplay, but they will not give any extra power over other players.

If you want to buy from the store please log into our client and use the in-game store which is located near your inventory.